Plaster repair - recommended technicians
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The following post appeared on the Watts-Hillandale listserv on 1/26/2017:


Here are some recommendations cut and pasted from previous postings on the WHHNA, Trinity Park, and Forest Hills listservs. I’ve never used anyone for plaster repairs myself (I assume you mean lathe-and-plaster, not drywall), and I don’t know how many of them are still working in the area, but this seems like a promising list:

(1) "The best plasterer is Edward Rokosz who has done amazing work in my house. You'll never have cracks after he's done.” [2015]

(2) "I agree. Edward's work is beautiful and his system of repair is most sustainable. While expensive, I thought the cost of his work was fair.” [2015]

(3) "Because of our bathroom remodel, we had several plaster walls with large holes in the middle that needed to be fully replastered--not just patched with drywall, because the change in texture would be noticeable. After seeing the space that we needed plastered, most paint and handyman services would not even quote the job because they knew they could not deliver what we were looking for. After searching far and wide, I finally learned of Ed Roskosz, an older Polish gentleman with family in Durham, who does professional plaster repair worldwide—and by that I mean professional historical renovations and fresco repairs. He's frequently out of town doing big renovation jobs, particularly all across Europe. But, when he's back in Durham visiting family, he will pick up smaller jobs, such as patching our walls, for some extra spending cash.” [2014]

(4) “Both Edward Rokosz (688-6428) and Noah Read (336-260-4399 or have done Renovators Network workshops for Preservation Durham.” [2014]

(5) "Charles Echols, Tri Wall (929-6909) has been well recommended for years.” [2014]

(6) "I've worked three times with Charles Echols of Tri-wall construction (929-6909) for plaster work/repair on my home. He may be retired by now, but I'd give it a try and ask for possible referrals.” [2011]

(7) “ A Master Plasterer, and I mean master, is Charles Echols, Triwall Construction Company (929-6909 or 614-1090).” [2009]

(8) “I used Fred Baldwin (929-8038 or 730-1467) last year for some 'REAL PLASTER' repairs, (not sheetrock).  Fred is very competent, straight arrow honest, and experienced. His prices are reasonable but not super-cheap. And regarding plaster cracks in general: you may want to investigate the cause before patching. For example, if your foundation is slowly sinking into the muck, it may continue to do so after a plaster repair, requiring new repairs.” [2015]

(9) "A master plasterer (and drywaller and tile man) who often brings carpenters on to his jobs is Fred Baldwin of Chapel Hill. He did wonders in my house. He's also done restoration work on Memorial Hall at UNC. He is deeply skilled and talented at what he does. His numbers are: 929-8038 (home) and 730-1467 (mobile)." [2011]

(10) "Fidel Gamez did extensive plaster repair in our 1920s bungalow, and he painted the interior beautifully. Fidel also paints exteriors, does drywall/sheetrock, and carpentry (358-0501 or There is someone with this name who now works with Acanthus Construction. Could be the same person." [2014]

(11) "Robby (first name) (730-9703) did a great job on our small bathroom where the plaster was compromised. A friend from Hope Valley had recommended him and has used him more.” [2014]

(12) "After receiving several recommendations for John Brown, I hired him to repair the plaster walls in my home. He's a painter who also does plaster. (There aren't too many people who still work in plaster in Durham.) John did a wonderful job! He was very thorough and a pleasure to work with. His number is 491-5600.” [2014]

(13) "I can certainly recommend Jose Reyes with Reyes Painting and Masonry. He does excellent work for very reasonable prices. He has done a lot of work on my 1923 house, as well as commercial work on Rogers Alley downtown (730-9945 or” [2011]

(14) "Billy Fulford, 451-4553." [2014]

(15) "Travis Hairston, 667-9154” [2014]


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